Tuesday, September 19, 2017


I'm a bad blogger! I always forget to answer any comments I get!
I do read them and think about saying something, even a thank you!
But by the time I get back to my blog a week or so has passed and I wonder should I
write now, is it too late. Then more time passes and I still haven't replied!
So to all of you have left comments, a big thank you!

The House

Since MIL has been in hospital we have been going to her house.
The first time was to pick up stuff she needed, but I couldn't stay inside.  The smell was
revolting, and made me sick.
David spent one Saturday morning moving out bags and bags of trash, she had collected trash together but just left it.  The summers here a really hot and humid so even after a day the  trash starts to smell, so after a few weeks.....YUK!!!!
David also found jars of Japanese pickles that she had been making.  Inside were flies, about 2 inches thick, some other pickles have something swimming in them!  The floor of the kitchen/dinning area is covered in insect casings and the window were black with some kind of insect (I don't look to carefully, so I have no idea what they are).  The carpets were wet and moldy, not sure if it was just water or urine!
I went the one Sunday to help clean up, what used to be the living room was filled from floor to ceiling with empty cardboard boxes, so we threw those out.  Found a massive, palm size cockroach in the kitchen draw.  That sent me screaming and running down the corridor.  David said I was faster than Bolt!  Could be true, when I saw that thing come for me I just took off,  shouting "Mommy. Mommy, Mommy " at the top of my lungs!
MIL is doing okay.  She had her operation last week.  I had to be at the hospital during the operation, then listen to the doctors explanation after.  All in all 4 hours just hanging around!  The doctor said that she will be in hospital until at least the new year plus she can't drive afterwards.  So looks like finding a care home for her.  Living together sis not an option, I am not putting myself or my kids through that again.
Of course I am paying for everything. Even before I've started paying  medical bills I have had to fork out about $300 for taxi (to move her from one hospital to another), plus special diapers, towels etc, If I add in the extra gas it comes close to $400, money that I should be saving!

Friday, September 1, 2017


So my MIL is in hospital!
She fell on the outside steps and broke her leg!  Of course things are not as simple as they look!
Apparently she fell two or three days before she was found! She must of been in agony!  Not able to move, she couldn't reach the phone  and of course didn't eat or drink for that time!  So she arrived in the local hospital dehydrated which has put a strain in her kidneys and heart. The doctor will send her to the larger hospital to operate once she is  stable.  The doctor will have to open her leg and attach a metal plate with screws. Problem is her knee is artificial, the break is above the knee and there is not so much bone between the break and the  knee.  So how to fix the plate at that point is going to be a problem!
Another problem is the state of the house!  It is disgusting!  Looks like she is unable to take care of herself!  There are bugs everywhere and bug casings on the floor! It was so bad that I didn't take my shoes off to go in the house.  In Japan we never wear shoes in the house but the floors were so bad I couldn't face walking around in bare feet!  The carpets are wet and going moldy, the sinks are black from mold. I couldn't stay inside!  We needed to pick up some towels for MIL, I ended up buying new ones! The biggest problem is going to be the cost of all this!  With no other family we will have to pay.  MIL has some insurance but it won't cover everything, plus I think she needs to be in a home! In Japan the government helps if you keep old people at home and take care of them.  But we tried that and even with my husbands help I felt suicidal by the end of one year with her! There is no way I can take care of her without my husband!  It would strain our family too much!  So looks like all the dreams and plans I was making will have to be put aside to pay for MILs care!  What a life!

Sunday, August 27, 2017


Both David and I had our birthdays this month!
I didn't do much for David's birthday as it was a typical working day!  Plus very hot!
But I bought him a couple of T shirts!  Plus a cake that was devoured in minutes!

David always looks funny in photos!

For my birthday I treated Hannah and myself to tickets to see 'Les Miserable'.
We saw it last week!
It was very good, as good as a West End show!
I was worried that it wouldn't be that good or I wouldn't enjoy it because of the language!  But music does go beyond language, the ability of the actors to convey the emotions of the characters was amazing!   I even cried a few times during the performance!

I also treated everyone to a nice restaurant meal!  Very expensive but lovely food and great service!

I am really hoping that the weather will start to cool down!  I have a load f things I want to do but when the temperature is constantly over 35C it is difficult!

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Half Way Through August

This morning was the first day in about a month that I woke up without sweating!
It was actually cool! Went out and trimmed the hedge a bit, left Michael and David to do the rest!
The yard is a disaster and I have no idea what to do about it, we are fighting a never ending battle with weeds. Some are taller than me!

The first week of August Hannah went to 2 high schools for there open campus day!  The first one was the school she is hoping for. We dropped her off, she met up with her friend and spent the morning doing a sample lesson and listening to older students!  The other high school was an all girls school in the main city.  Nice school, lovely modern campus, 11 courses to choose from but so far away! There is a school bus to pick up the girls in the morning but leaves from our city at 6:30am!  Because most students do club activity there is no bus to get back home, they have to use the train!  I figured out that it would take at least 3 hours a day to go and come back!  Plus it would cost at least 20,000 yen a month (about 200 dollars, 140 pounds), a lot of money!   So looks like the best choice would be the local commercial school! I am pushing Hannah to  study as much as possible!   It's a shame that summer holidays are not that free, loads of homework, open campus days and two days at school!

One thing I realized is that this heat is not going to change!  I keep hoping that the next summer will be cooler, easier to deal with!  But looks like this intense heat is here to stay!  So I have to change.  Have tried to be more active this year and get things done, not just sitting in front of the air conditioner!  Not easy but I've gotten a few things done! One thing that really helps is that David can cook.  I haven't cooked for about two months!  Cooking in the heat really exhausts me!  But I miss it, I enjoy cooking and baking!  Roll on cooler weather I will be back in the kitchen!

Sunday, July 30, 2017

End of July

The first month of the summer has come to an end!
But there is no end insight for the heat!
The weather forecast for the next 10 days is 35C!
One week of such temperatures I can deal with but we are going onto the third week!
It really is exhausting!  I can't go out for anything!  Even shopping the other week I came back with heatstroke!  At least the schools have finished for the summer!  Walking to and from school was hard
on both Christopher and Hannah!
But poor Hannah has a load of homework to do!  She is in the last year of junior high school. The end of the summer is the first of a series of tests to determine which school she can apply for, then she has to take tests to get into the school!  The school that she really wants to go to has cut 40 places this year because of falling population!  That means competition for the school will be strong!
One problem with this city is that there not that many schools and the other ones are about an hour away on the train!  I really can't see Hannah getting on a train at 7am every morning, then not getting back until 6pm or so!  She just doesn't have the stamina!   This just another thing to stress about!

Tuesday, July 18, 2017


So summer has started!
And I am not happy!
The yearly rainy season came through later than usual.  We usually get a load of rain in June, a week to 10 days of non stop rain.  This year it didn't really start until the beginning of July!  One city that is just down the road from here was hit really bad!  Floods and landslides, at least 30 people have lost their lives!
After the rainy season the heat and humidity start in earnest!  Most days the temperature is about 34C(93F). I know for people living in cooler areas that sounds nice, and for a few days it is okay.  But this will be for the next month and it doesn't drop below 30C until about November!
For me I get so exhausted!  I went shopping yesterday, just walking from the car to the mall was killing!  I felt like my body was being cooked.