Wednesday, January 16, 2019

New Year!

Half way through January and I have had enough of this year!
Our New Year celebrations were very quiet.  Good food, daft TV and the kids playing on
the new game system.  Managed to get some deep cleaning done, as always lots of
things to be thrown out.  I was helping in Christopher's room, he had clothes from
when he was in elementary school.  All I could think was why haven't these things
been thrown away before.
One of my lovely students bought a cake for Mikey's and Christopher's birthday.  That
was very nice of her.  Of course they got nice birthday dinners.
So that is the good stuff.  The bad.....on January 3rd we had an earthquake.  Here wasn't
too bad but still scary.  Who knows if we will get more or bigger ones.  The epi center was
closer this time, not a nice feeling.
My mother in law is still in hospital and we are expected to pay for her medical bills.  Also
we have to buy adult nappies for her and other things that she needs.  I have no idea how I am
supposed to pay for that.  I am just getting by.  Just to add to my stress a lot of students suddenly quit.
So income has gone down but expenses have gone up!
Then last night I could smell gas.   I came downstairs to see if the gas cooker had been left on.
That woke the cats, they woke David.  He came down saying that he could also smell gas.
So at 2am we called the gas emergency hot line.  They sent a gas engineer, he checked everything
but couldn't find a leak anywhere.  I opened all the windows downstairs and in the bedroom, of
course last night was the first real cold night that we have had this winter!
Things have to get better, don't they?

Cute cats to finish!

Friday, December 28, 2018


Every year a kanji (the Chinese characters that are used in Japanese writing) is chosen to
represent the year.  This year the chosen kanji was the kanji for disaster. Japan was hit by so many natural disasters.   From a volcano that erupted near a ski resort, to earthquakes, typhoons and
rain that caused flood and landslides.  Plus the heat wave that saw some cities with a temperature of 41C.  It was a hard year.
Also on a personal level 2018 has been hard.  Started out okay, Christopher graduated from college, but is still looking for a job!  Hannah got into the high school she tried for.  But after that it was
all down hill.  MIL's sister died.  A few weeks later our neighbor died.  Mikey found her outside of her house and called the ambulance.   Then I was diagnosed with breast cancer and had a mastectomy. Spent a week in hospital.  My recovery was during the heat wave of summer, I always
have a hard time in summer but this year was the worst!  Then MIL was rushed into hospital in September, where she still is!  The doctors have no idea what's wrong with her.  I have no way getting her pension so all the bills are coming to me!
So I hope that 2019 is better,  I need to make money, pay bills.  Sort out MIL's situation.  Hope that
Christopher can get a job soon and that Hannah keeps up her study at school.
Here's wishing my readers a happy 2019.

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Christmas 2018

I managed to pull myself out of my funk and get Christmas done for my kids.
We had great food. watched movies and had presents.  Not as much as before but everybody got
what they wanted or needed!
Christmas Eve we did party food.  David made pizza from scratch, I did a quiche. we had
sandwiches and sushi!  Lots of desserts as well, trifle. chocolate cake and mince pies!

Christmas Eve food
We took some rather strange photos!

With the kids

Turtle Cat

Mikey was out most of the day, came back and ate cake!
Christmas morning was nice and quiet.  So different to the years of kids shouting and getting
all excited about the presents!  I got up late, well about 8am, Hannah and Christopher were
already down stairs, eating trifle for breakfast!  I gave them their presents, I didn't want to leave
things out because the cats would attack!  Hannah got some DVDs that she asked for and a CD, also some lovely PJs!  The boys got clothes that they needed.  I got a Nintendo switch for everybody to
play on!  David bought books for everybody.  I'm enjoying mine but it feels strange to read a real
book as I usually read on my kindle!
Dinner was nice. Roast chicken and all the trimmings.  I have lamb but miscalculated the cooking
time in the slow cooker, we will have it today!

Hannah with her DVDs and CD

Christopher figuring out the Nintendo Switch

I had to go to the hospital to take my MIL her clean laundry and pick up her dirty stuff.  This is a
weekly thing now!  It depresses me so much going there, these old people are in pain and being kept alive by so much medicine and procedures, but they aren't really living, just lying around in a
hospital.  When I think about the kind of life my MIL had, always on the go, always working.  My husband said that some seasons she would work for 24 hours with out sleep.  To go from that to being confined to bed must be hard and sad.  The hard part is that her mind is still clear, just her body
is not good! I think she misses being at home, she told Mikey she just wants to go home, that made
me cry!
Still Christmas was good and I had a nice time. I realized that it isn't about presents and Christmas trees, those are nice, but having a laugh with my kids, watching a movie together, just having time
to relax together without worrying about work or school, that is Christmas.
I hope all my readers have had wonderful holidays however you celebrated!

Saturday, December 22, 2018

No Christmas Spirit

I have always done Christmas.  Even though it isn't a holiday here, I always managed to do
the trees, decorate the rooms, get presents and food.  I would be happy and excited for
my kids, Christmas carols would be played and I would find nice movies to watch!
This year however I just don't feel like doing anything.
 I haven't put the tree up in the living room, no space without moving most of the
furniture, plus I think the cats would destroy it.  Only Hannah asked for presents. she
wants musical DVDs.  The boys aren't interested in getting anything.  Of course I got them
a little something.  I've bought some nice meat for Christmas Day but have no idea what
to do for Christmas Eve.  It all seems like a chore which is not how I want to feel!
I guess the kids have grown up, but I don't want to face that!
Anyway will try to pull myself out of my flunk and have a good time with the kids!
One thing that is making it hard this year is my MIL's situation.  She is still in
hospital, with no end in sight. The doctors still don't know what is wrong with her, she
has a build of fluid in the stomach, it got so bad that she couldn't eat for a few days.
She seemed a bit better the last time we went to visit but until they figure out what is wrong
they can't treat her.  One option is to transfer her to another hospital has stomach specialists.
It's a case of wait and see.  One big problem is the money this is taking, we can't get her
pension so I have to pay everything, which is stressing me out no end!

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Six Years

Yesterday was six years since my husband passed away.
I am trying to figure out how six years can feel both long and short at the same time!
Just after he died I wanted time to move forward, to move away from that
awful time, thinking that things would get easier!  Well they haven't!  If anything
things are harder and  I miss my husband so much!  I miss his wisdom, his ability to
cope with things, the way he would step back from a problem and think things
through. I'm the opposite, I tend to react and then realize that my reaction was
Also I am trying to envision what he would look like now.  He would be 57 if he had
lived.  I guess he will always be 51!

Sunday, December 16, 2018

Trying to Move More

I'm still reading the book on moving more.  I never thought about how much
I don't move but when I looked carefully at my day I spend 80% of my time sitting.
Some is unavoidable, eating for instance and of course sleeping (lying down but still
not moving),  But I spend a lot of time watching TV, reading or on the computer.
Last week when I took Christopher and Hannah to the city I walked a lot. We arrived to early
so spent about 2 hours walking around, plus walking to and from the station.  The next
couple of days I really paid for it, I couldn't walk, my legs were so painful.  Kids told
me I need more exercise, which I know is true!  Also I went to Costco, another lot of walking.
But those are unusual things, not daily life.  One thing I am trying to do is not to ask the
kids to get things for me.  If I need something from upstairs or another room I usually
ask one of the kids to get it for me. But the past week I have been trying to get things myself.
Also the cats make me move more, they get into things that they shouldn't and having to move
them means I move more.  I really do need to be careful, yesterday I was watching a movie
and noticed that I was getting pains in my thigh because of sitting for so long.  I managed
to walk it off but it was worrying!
So here is to more active life, I have to try!

Saturday, December 15, 2018

Christmas Parties, A Musical and Christmas Market

The past couple of weeks have been really busy!
The last week of teaching we do Christmas parties for the kids!
Lots of fun but also a lot of work.  I baked over 200 cookies, plus I
made cakes and pies for us to enjoy!  Mikey did his cotton candy art for
a couple of kids1  I think everybody had a good time, there was a lot
of laughter!

Decorating the tree

Good job!

Mikey making cotton candy

heart shape cotton candy

 The week after Christopher, Hannah and I went to the city.  Hannah and I to watch a musical.
Christopher watched a movie.  We had a good time.  The musical was the 65th anniversary of the
musical company that produces most of the top musicals.  Two hours of song and dance, very impressive!
After the musical we walked back to the station and had a look around the Christmas market. Nice but very cold, so we got hot chocolate to drink.  All in all a nice day out!

Dancing water

The musical we watched

Some of the Christmas lights and the Christmas Market

Lovely hot chocolate