Sunday, July 15, 2018

This Is Mad

I know it's summer. I know summer is hot.
But the past few days have been extreme!
Hannah and I went to get our hair cut yesterday.  The hairdressers was nice,
strong air conditioner, I felt nice and cool.  The car, on the other hand. would
not cool down.  Even with the air conditioner on full blast it was uncomfortable.
Turns out that yesterday was about 37C.  That is hotter than body temperature!
Mikey was outside most of the day, came back with an awful headache!  Mild
heatstroke, took him a few hours to recover, he is okay now but spending
time outside is not an option!
According to the forecast this will continue for at least another week.

Sunday, July 8, 2018

And Now Eathquakes!

I know this is Japan and earthquakes are part of life but not where we live!
I always said that the biggest problem here was the weather, extreme heat and humidity,
typhoons and incredible thunderstorms!  But no earthquakes!  Until a few years ago when
we had the Kumamotto earthquakes! But even that wasn't very close, the epi center was
about 2 hours drive from here!  Last night I got woken up at 2:40, the house moved, made
an awful noise.  I came down and checked the TV, earthquake but just a 1 here!  But the
center was the next prefecture!  Then again at 4am, this time bigger jolt, about a 3 here!
That woke up Hannah.  I tried to sleep but couldn't!  Checked the morning news, the
center is right next to our city!  Not happy about that but I guess no choice!  I am really
hoping that it is a one off thing and not something that is going to happen a lot!  I feel very sorry
for the people who are coping with the floods, this is just another stress!
Talking about stress, I realized that I over react to these things.  In my mind I know that
there is nothing that I can really do!  I follow advice on safety but if earthquakes are
going to happen I can't stop them!  In my mind I know this is true, more people died
in the floods and landslides over the weekend than the last big earthquake in Osaka!  But
my body just responds, racing heart, short of breath, dizziness.  I try to breath deeply and
calm down but I have mini panic attacks.  Not nice and not helpful!

Rain, A Typhoon And Then More Rain

In a book I read a few years ago the author described Mother Nature as being bipolar!
With the weather we have been experiencing the past week or so I would have to agree!
In this part of Japan the middle of June is usually the rainy season, about two weeks of
constant drizzle.  Everything feels damp and the air is really humid.  This year we didn't get
that.  A couple of wet days but not the real rainy season.  Then on the last Friday of June the heavens
opened.  Heavy rain and thunder storms. The thunder was so close that the house vibrated
with the sound!  Hannah's school was closed for the day, which is unusual so it must of been bad!
Then last Tuesday a typhoon roared past here!  We were lucky as we only caught the edge of the
storm.  But places along the coast got hit rather bad!  Poor Christopher got stuck at the
station and we had to go and rescue him!  I was hoping for a bit of a break but
of course didn't get it.  Friday the rain started, very heavy.  I've experienced heavy rain
before but not like this.  Most heavy showers last 2 hours, this went on all day!
Again Christopher got stuck at work.  He works at Amazon warehouse, two towns over.
They provide a shuttle bus from the warehouse to the station.  But last week the trains
were stopped and so was the shuttle bus! David and I drove out to pick him up.  Took
us about 40 minutes to get there, a trip that should take 20 minutes!  Getting back was
worse, over an hour!
Again we were lucky.  Our house is in a safe area, no rivers or mountains nearby. Floods
and landslides are the biggest problems with all this rain.  Some towns just down the road
from us have been hit very bad!  Businesses, house and cars ruined!
It is raining again, I hope it stops soon!

Friday, July 6, 2018


We have been adopted by a cat!
I am not a cat person.  We already have a dog, a Labrador mix.  She is now 10 years old.  Dogs are easy to understand.  When she cries she either needs toilet, food or water!  With cats I have no idea!
This cat started to come around about 2 months ago. I really tried to ignore her but her constant mewing drove me crazy, so I fed her, just once!  But she came again and again!  So I bought cat food.
I know that is crazy when I don't want a cat.  But it's not her fault.  If people get pets then they should take care of them not dump them if they get too much to care for.
The situation with the cat has become rather more than I hoped for.  She had kittens, four little things that look more like rats than cats!  She had them outside of our dining room window, but it is pouring down with rain so guess who bought the family inside!  What to do with five cats?

the cat

the kittens

Tuesday, June 26, 2018


Went back to the doctor on Monday!  There was still some fluid in the area which he
drained. Just 100ml, half the amount of the week before.  Talked about my long term treatment!
I'll be on the tablets for 5 years, have to figure how to pay for them!  After the fluid stops building up
I'll have monthly appointments with the doctor, after one year another CT scan and if that is
clear then the appointments will be every 3 months!  Looks like I am stuck with endless
hospital visits.  I know some people have a worse situation and I am very grateful that this
was caught early but the thought of spending so much time in the hospitals waiting room
does not inspire me!
I am trying to get back into doing things!  The house needs a good clean, top to bottom!  Dust
and dog hairs are every where!  Drives me crazy!  The kitchen needs to be closed for a day a
and cleaned out, the door fell off one of the cabinets and I really don't want to call the
real estate to fix it!  Wondering what is best to do!   One problem with renting is that
we can't so any real repairs without permission and I resent spending money on things
that I can't take with me!   Try and get some jobs done every day, slowly!

The other night David, Christopher and Hannah were having a giggle fest!  They were
looking at the photos that I had posted on this blog!  Some were rather embarrassing!
What's the point of having a blog if one can't post strange photos?

So a few more photos to upset everybody!

Saturday, June 16, 2018


Yesterday the shop where David's wallet was stolen called!  The family of the
person who had stolen it had returned it to the shop.  The money had been replaced and
all his cards were inside!  I still want to know who did and more importantly why?
Although this kind of crime is on the increase in Japan it is still relatively safe here.
Many times when I shop I leave my bag in the cart while I look at things and don't
worry about it.  In the UK I would never do that!

I am slowly improving.  My energy levels are still low.  I have been trying to teach but
am amazed at how easily I tire.  I am just sitting and chatting, not a physical job at
all but after an hour I am exhausted!  But it is good for to do something!  I am watching
so much TV.  I have Netflix and Hulu so am binge watching E.R and Bones, both from
season one!

Thursday, June 14, 2018

What a Life

I am still recovering from my operation.  I feel okay most of the time but can't really
stretch out my right arm. The kids call it my T-rex arm.
Just to add to difficulties David had his wallet stolen this afternoon!
He had to go to the ATM to pay for our cell phones, after that he went to
a DVD/bookstore to get a DVD.  While he was getting a new card somebody stole
his wallet.  At first he thought he might have dropped it so he told the shop
staff.  They had a look round but also checked the CCTV.  Sure enough there on the
tape is somebody putting David's wallet in their bag!  There wasn't so much money in it
but all his IDs and his debit card was inside.  He has called the bank to stop the debit card.
The store called a few minutes ago and told David to go to the police station, so Mikey has
just taken him!  I hope they get the person!
I really need something good to happen in my life.  I am so tired of bad things happening!