Sunday, September 9, 2018

Never Ending

There is a line in the song "Circle of Life" that says " There's more to do than can ever be
done" . That is certainly true in this house! I found a list of to do things marked September 2013,
all I have to do is change the year as the list is the same!  Clean bedrooms, deep clean kitchen (difficult to do in the intense heat of the summer), tidy up the  yard. The only item on my list that is
finished is the back corridor, half of that has been cleaned out, books, papers and things that had been
collecting there for years have gone! So last night I made plans.  The weather has gone cool so
I thought get up. get Hannah to school (school on Sunday, just one hour for some test), then start but
I woke up feeling awful. Headache, sore throat and a fever.  I think the dramatic change in temperature means I have a cold!  So I have slept, and taken some pain killer, lets hope I feel
better for tomorrow!
One thing I have to do is buy a new oven. My old one over heats after about 15 minutes, so
baking cakes or muffins is out of the question!  David and I had a look yesterday but as always
making a decision is difficult!  I hope to check out one more place tomorrow then decide, I really need one before Halloween, the students look forward to the cookies that I make for them!

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

typhoon 21 and an earthquake

Two days ago Japan was hit by a massive typhoon.  The international airport in
Osaka was flooded, stranding about 3000 people. My understanding is the airport
is built on reclaimed land and a bridge connects it to the main land. During the
typhoon a tanker ship smashed into the bridge, causing a lot of damage, closing the
bridge!  In other areas cars and trucks were thrown about like toys, houses lost
roofs, part of the roof in Kyoto station came down, and signs were blown down.
Here is a link to Japan Times

Hope that works, if not doing a search on typhoon 21 should bring up a load of
This morning Hannah put the news on, expecting more news on the typhoon or the
power harassment scandal that has dominated the news. Instead the news is about a
strong earthquake in Hokkaido!  It hit in the early morning, about 3am and registered
as an M6. That is strong, the news is showing houses that have collapsed and constant after quakes.
Very scary.  I know Hokkaido is the opposite end of Japan but these natural disasters
seem to be happening far too often!  With disasters likes typhoons or heavy rain even
if the damage is extensive and there is a loss of life I always feel that I can prepare and
keep my family safe. Earthquakes just happen, any time!  That to me is more scary!

Tuesday, September 4, 2018


I have a love/hate relationship with August. I love that I can have a holiday, I love that
Hannah didn't have school, just a load of homework. I love that I don't have to get
up early to make breakfast and lunch box (obento) for Hannah.  But I hate the weather.
Every year it is hot. Starts in June and just goes on and on. This year was really bad.
A couple of times the next city hit 39.5C, that is crazy hot! Too hot to do anything!
It does get rather depressing, there is only so much TV to watch and so many books to
read!  I want to go out, not just to the shops but somewhere interesting but with the heat
I just couldn't do it!
So September!  Hannah is back at school, but missed two days because of heat stroke. She
wasn't too sick but practicing outside in 35C heat for two days took its toll on her. she is
okay now, tired after her sports day, and tests today.
I am already thinking about Halloween. The 100 yen shop has Halloween goods out already!
Wondering what to do for the kiddies classes that is fun and educational.  Then comes Christmas!
But before that I have to buy an oven, mine doesn't really work!
The kittens are growing.  They are so cute but rather naughty!  My poor walls are all scratched up.
Still don't know what to do with them!  The cost of keeping them is huge, vet bills, food. cat litter
and damage that they do to the house!  We will see!

See, total cuteness

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Busy Days

I've had a couple of weeks off from teaching but I seem to be more busy!
Spent a day moving furniture, again! Also packed up boxes to take to MIL's
house. I just have too much stuff here, books than nobody reads, pots and pans
that have worn out and clothes that are too small!  I know dumping the stuff in
MIL's storage place isn't the best thing but at the moment I don't know what else to do!
Mikey, Christopher and I drove out to MIL's! It always depresses me to go there.
She had the house built about 25 years go but she hasn't taken care of it at all. It's a mess
inside and out, needs a good paint job, even cleaning the windows would help, She
really can't take care of herself, she had a massive bruise down the side of her
face, another fall. And there is nothing we can do about it, she passed the cognitive
test so the welfare system can't place her in a home. The fact that she has limited
mobility and another serious fall could kill her doesn't factor in!
Went shopping yesterday, I bought fish on Sunday and even though it was in a
cooler bag, on ice it smelt really bad. David called the supermarket and they told
us to bring the receipt and get our money back. I was a bit upset at not having fish
the other day, I really fancied it!  But the supermarket service was good, no questions asked
they just refunded us!
Today is David's birthday, so going to have some fun with the kids today!  Have to go to
the hospital for another check up but after that we will have nice dinner, cake and watch
some movie!
The kittens are growing well.  They have taken to using the litter box, couple of little
accidents! I went to put my shoes on the other day and found a small puddle, of course
it had to be my shoe that one of them peed in!

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Out and About

The other day Hannah and I went to the city.  Just looking around, nice lunch!
Simple day out for us!  Turned into a real adventure!  I am hopeless at
navigating train stations and trains!  And it's not just because my Japanese is
bad the same happens in the UK. I just don't get trains!  We arrived at the station, got
our tickets and went to the platform. Hannah is looking at the board and says that
she thinks we can't get on the train that is coming because it is reserved seats only.
When the train arrives it turns out to be the expensive express train.  We then decided to go back to
the office and ask for help.  We were waiting at the wrong platform.  We finally got to
the city, but then had to get the subway to the place Hannah wanted to go!
Again not good with subways! In London last year I got lost two or three times
on the Underground!  I've only used this subway twice before, but not too bad.
The store Hannah wanted to visit was the Takarazuka store. Takarazuka is an all
female musical theatre company, this is a link to Wikipedia about them

She shopped for a while, spent a fortune but she was happy!  We then went and had lunch.
Rather nice hamburger steak!
Getting back also turned into an adventure!  We got off at the wrong station!  Just one
station before we should get off!  Poor David had to drive to pick us up, not very far
but the station was in the middle of a housing development with a lot of narrow and
one way roads.  I don't like trains!!!!

poster for a musical

It's hot waiting for trains

Nice lunch
Yesterday was also out and about. City Hall, Tax Office, shopping and Hannah's school.
Talk about crazy morning, I was hoping everything could be done in about one hour, reality
took 3 hours.  Never mind some things that I had been putting off are finished which is good!

The kittens are growing.  We got them a litter box last week and so far only one accident, not
bad.  This is what I find in the morning!

Sleeping in the corridor!

Tuesday, July 31, 2018


The kittens have fleas!
Not sure how they got them, the mother cat goes out but we check her often
and I haven't seen on her.  David noticed them on the white kitten.  So yesterday
David and Hannah spent time trying to get rid of the fleas!  David got a special
comb, by dipping it in water with dish soap and combing through the fur some
of the fleas were killed. Decided that wasn't enough so he gave the cats a bath.
First the mother cat, she didn't complain too much but came back in shaking her
paws, then sat and licked herself for about half an hour!  David then took the
kittens which freaked the mother cat out!  I told her we weren't hurting the kittens
but she wouldn't have it! She was mewing so loud! On and on for ages!  She kept it
up in the evening which upset the dog. Between the cat and the dog it got really noisy
here, until after midnight!  The mother cat is still upset with us and gives us bad eyes!
The kittens still have some fleas, but seem okay!  Just have to keep them away from
the sofa and carpets!

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Cute Kittens

It has been so hot here the past couple of weeks!  Up to 37C some days!
Too hot to think, to move, to do anything!  I have been running the air
conditioner almost all the time, no choice!   Today we are under a typhoon
warning, it's a bit windy and there is some rain.  We got lucky, some places
were hit very bad!

So the kittens are growing! I have to get a litter box set up soon so they can
stat eating food.  That should be interesting.  I have no idea how to train the
kittens.  Hannah wants to keep them, but five cats is a lot of work! We will see!

mommy cat

cute kittens

I'll add more photos as they grow!