Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Busy Week

Last week was really busy.  Plus I hurt my neck which really complicated things!
On Monday I saw a really nice loft bed for Hannah in a recycle shop.  Although very high and big, I felt that it would be a good investment, something that could be used for at least 10 years.  But the price worried me.  After checking online and a local store I found that the bed was half price.  The condition was excellent, as new.  I showed Hannah a picture of the bed and explained that it was the same height as David's loft bed.  Hannah seemed worried, I thought she was worried about falling off. when I asked her what the matter was she asked "Can I breathe up there?" Poor girl was worried about altitude sickness!!  On Wednesday I sent Mikey and David back to pay for the bed and arrange delivery!  My plan was to spend Wednesday, Thursday and Friday sorting out the bedroom and making space for the bed.  But Tuesday evening my neck became very stiff, by Thursday morning I was in so much pain that even moving the mouse on the computer was painful.  All hopes of cleaning out the bedroom flew out of the window!  I ended up going to the doctor, he took a load of X-rays.  Looks like a couple of the vertebrae had moved out of place.  I was given some strong painkiller and told to take it easy!  Poor David ended up doing most of the work!
Sunday was Hannah's last field day for elementary school.  It was also the day that we were under a typhoon warning. It was cool and very windy, I was surprised that the school went ahead with the event!!  Even though she complained of the cold< I think she had a good day!  I spent most of the day walking around, talking to David and having a laugh at what some people were wearing!
I'm glad that it is over and done with!

A few photos from the week!

Christopher pulling faces

Field Day

Hannah with her classmates

Human Pyramid

lunch time

Rocking out to Meat Loaf

View on the way to Kurume