Friday, July 26, 2013

Yes I am still alive

But only just!
Not sure why I haven't been posting.  Life is still as crazy as ever.
Last week the dog went strange.  She has always been a bit weird but last week she really freaked me out. She wouldn't eat or drink, I gave her some bits of meat, tried some ice cubes, even her favorite bread was ignored. She then spent the afternoon walking in circles and barking at nothing.  She walk to a spot,  sniff around and look at something ( that I couldn't see) then start barking.  This went on for an hour.  In the afternoons when it is really hot she gets under the bushes where it is cooler.  But not that day. Finally I asked Christopher to put inside.  Our house has a large living, dinning kitchen area.  This is where we tend to hang out as the air conditioner is on.  Christopher tied the dog to the dinning table. She stayed there for about two hours, she cooled down a lot. After a quick walk she went back outside, ate and drank okay. 

Today Christopher is sick.  He had a 38.5 fever.  I think his bedroom was too hot last night.  Poor kid, he is my bed at the moment with the air conditioner on.  Hope he gets better as I really  don't want to go to the doctors with him.
The other kids are alright.  The summer holidays have started, that means summer homework.  Hannah has already finished one of the workbooks for her homework.  She has a lot to do but she doesn't complain too much about doing it and does some everyday.  Christopher also has loads to do, but he complains about doing it.  I always feel it's too much for the kids, I can understand giving the kids some homework but the amount they get here is rather crazy!!

Mikey and David are doing fine.  Next week Mikey goes to Kumamoto for 2 weeks driving camp.  I really hope he can pass his drivers test, we need a driver and a car!!
David is doing most of the shopping for me.  I try to get to the local store but the heat makes me really sick.  I also order some things from the Co-op delivery service but my kids seem to be constantly hungry!!  I don't know how they can eat but they can!

As for me!
I've been rather down and extremely tired. I do get exhausted from the heat, this is a problem I face every year.  But this year it seems to be worse.  Maybe the combination of grief, allergies and heat have really knocked me about.  I am not sleeping properly,  I haven't used the air conditioner at night so I doze off but wake up an hour later soaking wet with sweat.  It is not that hot in my room but the humidity is far too high.  I am so tired some nights that I am falling asleep watching TV, something that I never did before!

I will try and update more!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Not feeling so good

So much for going cold turkey and getting all healthy!!!  I have spent the past couple of weeks in bed.  Started as allergies, turned into a cold, now back to allergies with a lovely cough to go with it.  I can't believe how exhausting this has been.  And of course this week is seeing record highs, up to 35C yesterday and today.  That makes me feel awful as well, just no energy, no desire to do anything!  Even the most basic of chores takes a load of energy.
Tomorrow I have to push myself to clean the kitchen, the base cabinets and the pantry need a good clean.  This evening I was watching TV when a massive cockroach flew out of the kitchen.  The thing was a good 2inches long, it flew at the curtain, right where I was sitting.  My reaction is a lot of screaming and jumping around.  David managed to spray the thing but we don't know where it went to.  As I'm writing this I keep looking around, these things really scare me!!
David just walked past making a buzzing sound, my heart stopped, he is laughing himself silly now.
Good news I lost 2kgs but put back half a kilo.  It's a start!!