Saturday, October 27, 2012

Crazy Busy Week

It's been one of those weeks, just so busy.  Actually I often wonder what to write about because my life gets to be rather routine, nothing really happens, so nothing to write about!  Then things get crazy busy like this past week and I have no time or energy to write!
The week started out with a rather unusual problem.  The light switch for the toilet broke.  I thought the light had gone, so hubby changed it.  But the light wouldn't stay on.  It would go on for a few seconds, then turn off.  The switch is on the outside of the toilet, so one way was for somebody to hold the switch down while somebody else used the toilet!!!!  Not the best idea in a house full of practical jokers!  Hubby came up with an interesting idea until we got the switch fixed, he out a reading lamp inside.

Not the best solution but better than nothing.  Hubby managed to fix the switch himself.

The week was dominated by Halloween parties and the hundreds of cookies I made.  Talk about exhausted, I was up at about 5am every morning to make cookies and cakes.  Fun but exhausting!

Hannah helping out.

Mikey did most of the teaching last week and judging from the screams and giggles the kids had a lot of fun.  He also did some magic for the kids, that was a great hit!

Mikey also helped with the cookies!

Hannah's drawings


Classroom dressed for Halloween

Mikey cuts off a kids finger then serves it up!!!!

Also this week David went to Tokyo for 3 days school trip.  He was not impressed, he said that it was expensive and crowded.  He took some photos, so I hope I can share some.
This coming week is also busy, but more relaxed.  I have 3 days holiday and I hope to go to Ikea.  I have been wanting to go since it opened but never had chance!  Also I do something for our kids for Halloween.  More baking and fun!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Halloween at Hannah's school

I was invited to Hannah's club to do a Halloween lesson.  the club is "The International Club", which is really the English Club.  Kids here get a little bit of English in the 5th and 6th grade but nothing before unless they have private lessons. The club is from the 4th grade and only meets once a month.  So I was expecting no English at all from the girls (all girls this year) but I was pleasantly surprised that they could answer basic questions like "What's your name?"  and "What grade are you in?"   I dragged Mikey along, I had to walk to the school carrying cookies and materials.  Mikey then took over and did all the teaching!  Aren't I clever?  He is such a good teacher and had the girls laughing and trying new words!   At the end we had them line up and say "Trick or Treat" to get the cookies.  Hannah was very happy that we came and the teacher asked me to go again for Christmas.  That should be fun.

Mikey teaching Halloween words

Girls having a good laugh
The rest of this week has been kind of busy, basically preparing for Halloween parties next week. I want to buy some food coloring, not the Japanese stuff that I have a hard time with but American stuff.  I have seen it in a shop somewhere, but this shop is in a mall and I have no idea where. So Thursday was spent driving to different malls trying to find this shop, I'll have to go again on Sunday.

I did manage to buy some color hairspray for Mikey, gold and red.  Been trying it out.  Fun.

And this is what happens when I leave the camera out.

Hannah's other school

Sunday, October 14, 2012

long time

Yes I am still alive, some days only just.  Managed to finally get to the doctor for my allergies.  The medicine I have is really good.  But I have done my back in, not sure what happened, just a lot of pain.  I really can't seem to win!
The past couple of weeks have been busy. End of September was Hannah's field day.  I really wasn't looking forward to it, long day and just sitting around for hours doesn't inspire me at all.  The school is big and so each child only does 3 or 4 events,  lots of waiting in between.  Also Hannah managed to get sick the Thursday and Friday before the big day.  Just a fever and sore throat. Plus the weather was rather stormy with a typhnoon passing by and very cold weather on the morning.  But I made the obento and sat there all day.  Because Hannah had been sick and she was coughing again during the lunch time we managed to come back after her dance, about 2 hours early.  That helped a lot.  Took a load of photos, of course.

Ready, set, go

The school

Lots of waiting

Of course a terrible one of me

End of the dance
The next morning I saw the full moon at 6am.  I was very surprised and managed to get a good photo.


Tomorrow I'm going to Hannah's school to do a Halloween lesson for the international club.  I've been busy making some cookies for the kids, hope they enjoy them.

Witches fingers!
I'll let you know how it goes.