Friday, April 28, 2017

I'm back.........again

But this time I went somewhere, even though it was a few months ago!
The end of February, beginning of March, Christopher, Hannah and I spent
two weeks in England!
My first trip back in 13 years!  It was really great but as usual the trip was awful!
12 hours squashed in a tin can is not my idea of fun!  Plus a long lay over in Hong Kong,
8 hours of hanging around!

Waiting at the airport

our first plane

Lay over in Taiwan, interesting murial

Hong Kong airport

After 26 hours of traveling we arrived in the UK!
This time I decided to spend a few days in London! Even though I am from the UK I haven't seen
much of London!  After getting to our hotel, showered, had a cup of tea and headed out to explore.
First was The Tower of London.  I remember going there with the school years and years ago but I never saw the Crown Jewels!  We got there at lunch time so decided to have some good old fish and chips.  Nice weather, no rain, slight breeze off the river, so we sat outside to eat!  Big problem pigeons and seagulls.  Just finished eating when a seagull flew over and pooped on my head!  I couldn't believe it, first day back and a bird sh*t on me, welcome home!!!
The Tower was nice and very interesting.  But too many stairs that I couldn't cope with!  But we saw the Crown Jewels.  They were impressive!!!!

on the way to the Tower of London

Fish and chips, below Hannah just had chips!

Entrance to the Tower of London

Traitors Gate

The main part of the Tower

Guarding the Crown Jewels

That was our first day!
I will try to write more!
Since I came back I have been so busy but I hope to keep this blog up!