Tuesday, September 25, 2012


I like to knit, I'm not very good at it but making something simple that requires no shaping is doable.  So I made Hannah a scarf.  Not just any scarf but a nori-maki scarf.  It's quite good.

Looks good rolled up and it's very long and warm.

In other news I am still down with allergies.  I'm a bit better but still feel a total lack of energy. Most days I manage to make some lunch and dinner, tidy round a bit and teach my lessons, other than that I am out of it. The medicine I take makes me sleepy and unable to focus, that is one of the reasons I haven't been here much the past couple of weeks.
Had better see to lunch, one thing with the cooler weather cooking is a lot easier than before!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Eccentric and allergys

Christopher is studying for the 2nd grade Eiken Test at the moment.  One of the words that came up was eccentric.  This word comes from Greek and means out of the center.  This describes my kids to the T.  They' re all eccentric to one degree or another.  David, my 2nd son, will come up to me and say the strangest things, the other day he said "Did you know that if cats eat dog food they go blind"  then he walked away! This comment came out of no where, he didn't wait for a reply or to start a conversation on feeding cats, he just said his piece and left.  Of course that leaves me with my head spinning with question "How do people know this, do they feed cats dog food to see what happens, how can you tell that a cat is blind and how can you tell it is blind because of what it ate/ And why in the great order of things is this important and how does David know such useless information?"  David wants to study Buddhism next year and dreams of travelling to India.  Even that is not really normal.  Why don't my kids dream of having normal jobs?  Mikey is trying to become a professional magican, Christopher wants to be a writer.  Hannah's dream is to be a teacher, which is normal enough but she is possessed by the story of  'The Phantom of the Opera'  she has gone through 3 DVDs of the musical, has read the book 5 times and watched the other movie versions of the story, yep eccentric!
And allergies are bad, VERY BAD.  I can't stop sneezing and snuffling, my eyes are teary and itchy and I feel totally miserable.  This drives me crazy, the weather has cooled down enough to get somethings done but then I get sick, every year this happens!!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Strange Week

Not really strange strange more of "what happened?" kind of week.  I have been really tired the past week and have spent a lot of time just sleeping.  I think the end of summer heat has caught up with me.  The past couple of months have been extremely hot, up to 35C some days.  My body doesn't deal well with the heat so when it cools down I tend to collapse.  But I managed to get a few jobs done, there is always something that needs to be done, something that needs to be put away or thrown away.  Never ending!
Sunday was the field day for Christopher, so I got up early to make a lunch box for him.  Christopher left for school at 6:50, he had to be there early to help set up the tents.  At 11 o'clock Christopher came back, the rain hadn't stopped at all so the event was canceled.  But Christopher still had a nice obento!

Hard to see but I made hamburgers, bacon and asparagus roll and salad, nice!

Looks a lot better, can actually see the sign
Hubby managed to get the front of the yard tided up, looks a lot better.
The back is really like a jungle but we have some veggies, pumpkin and beans and of course goya!

Pumpkin and beans!
I hope that this week gets better, at least the weather is a lot nicer for me!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Bomb Threat

Yes the title is right.  A bomb threat.  Here in Japan, the safest country in the world.  A bomb threat at the junior high school that Christopher attends!!
Yesterday morning at 11 o'clock Christopher came home from school.  Very strange.  The school is practicing for the annual field day, so the kids have 6 lessons a day which means finishing at 4 o'clock and then most days they are a bit late.  Coming back at 11am is unheard off.  I asked why he was home so early. Christopher said that a note had been found in the school entrance saying that there was a bomb in the school.  All the students were sent to the gym where they were told to go straight home while the police searched the school.  Christopher said that there was yellow crime scene tape across the school entrance and at least 20 police officers.  I just can't get my mind around the idea of bombing a junior high school, there is no reason that I can think of.  This is a small city, a nice place to live but not important enough to get the attention of terrorists, especially not the school.  So why a bomb threat?   The one thing I can think of is a kid not wanting to do the sports day practice, but would kids think of such a thing?   A lot of questions, I hope that Christopher has some answers when he gets back tonight!!!

Saturday, September 8, 2012


Christopher and Hannah went back to school on the 3rd!!  It has been so quiet around here the last week. I love having the kids at home but I have really enjoyed the quiet of the last week.  I am exhausted from the heat of the past few weeks!!  Even though I have had a few days holiday I am still wiped out and the allergies I suffer from have started up!!  But at least the weather is cooling down....a bit!
Last week we had the most incredible thunderstorm.  I hate thunder, it freaks me out.  I pull the antenna from the TV and the computer lines.  Hubby and the kids complain but I would rather be safe than sorry.  Last week I was very glad that I pulled all the lines.  Lightening hit very close, turns out to be  one of my students houses that got hit.  The kid lives just 5 minutes walk from us, very close call.
Hubby has been busy.  The front garden has taken on a life of its own!

Hubby hard at work, looks awful doesn't it!

Hannah has been busy, making up newspapers for her soft toys!!  She has a great imagination.  But she writes in Japanese!

top is Hannah's newspaper, bottom picture is Hannah in her back to school outfit
 Last week I made marble cake, I found the recipe on Bakegirl blog
I love her site, the recipes always turn out wonderful.

Very nice, soft and chocolaty!!

Well I think that is all for the past week, I will try to update more often!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

New Desk

I finally got a new computer desk.   For most people taking out an old desk and putting in a new one would take a couple of hours.  But we are not most people and of course it has taken a few days!!  Still not finished!!   When we removed the old desk hubby had a bright idea to move all the other furniture out of the living room and put the carpet right.  The carpet kept bunching under the sofa and driving me crazy.  Sounds easy but it wasn't.  Last week some time the air conditioner poured water into the living room, basically near the TV.  When it happened I mopped up the water that I could see but didn't realise that most of the water had gone under the unit that the TV was on.  When we moved the TV we found that the floor under the carpet had gone moldy and the TV unit was also moldy.  So we had to throw out the TV unit and buy a new one.  So 3 days after putting in the new desk I am still waiting to finish the living room.  The TV is on a dinning chair at the moment and every time somebody walks past it I stop breathing!!!
Today is the last day of the summer holidays for Christopher and Hannah.  The time has flown and as always I didn't do all the things I had hoped.  This year my health has really taken a turn for the worse and I have very little energy to do anything.  As the weather cools down I should feel better but then my allergies start.  I can't get a break.