Saturday, February 21, 2015

One Month

This past month has been hard for me.  Lots of decisions to be made. lots of things that have left me feeling lonely.   Most days I really miss my husband!
It all started when Mikey took the car for the shaken test, the roadworthy test that cars have to go through every two years! Mikey took the the car to a local garage, they gave an estimate for the car!  Mikey came back white.  To fix the car would cost more than we paid for it in the first place.  The garage recommended not driving it as where the wheels were attached to the axle was almost shorn off!  So what to do?  I know very little about cars, Mikey even less!  I finally asked one of my husband's friends to come and have a look at the car and the report.  He recommended getting a different car, he also put us in touch with somebody who could help.  So after a month of feeling bad because we lost money on the first car we managed to get a much better car!  A second hand car but it is a lot better than the first.  We have a car loan to pay but I can deal with that!

The next thing was the camera not working.  It had been bad since last October, sometimes working, sometimes not!  The in January it gave out altogether!  I love having a camera, I love taking photos and this spring we have a lot of things happening. So I need a camera!  I had some money left over from Christmas so I bought a nice camera!  David really loves it!  He has spent a long time playing around with it! 

Then came the awful discovery!  Last week the vision in my left eye became blurred. I thought it was because of seasonal allergies! So I went off to the doctor thinking that I would get some eye drops.  Turns out that I have a cataract on my eye and I have to have an operation to change the lens.  I know this is not a big operation, most hospitals you can go home the same day but I felt really unnerved by the news.  I felt so alone, I really missed hubby that day.  So I really hope all the terrible things that are going to happen in this year are finished with and that things can get better!