Thursday, February 28, 2013


So here is March!!  I honestly don't know where time goes to.  How did we get to the third month of 2013 already? 
Last week the dog got sick.  She was  coughing like crazy.  I thought about taking her to the vets but put it off.  Vets are really expensive and money is tight at the moment.  After 4 days she was fine.  She is a yard dog but has place right outside the dinning room window.  I gave her an old mat to sleep on, but she buried it instead, silly dog!!
This week has been busy at Hannah's school.  On Wednesday each year did a little skit as a goodbye to the 6th graders!!  Each year sang a song and a little play.  Very sweet.  Hannah had to stand up and say about 4 lines.  She did very well.  I am so happy, when she started at this school she wouldn't even say her name, she has come a long way.
On Thursday the school had special guests.  The Miss Universe, who use to go to the school and Peter Yarrow, of Peter, Paul and Mary fame.  Mikey went to see them, all parents were invited, I wanted to go but got hit by bad allergies!!  Mikey knows how to position himself to meet people.  So he got to speak to Peter!!!  Good for Mikey.
I am hoping to update more often, I do think about it but thinking and doing don't always match up.

Friday, February 15, 2013

What a week

The past few months have been tough.  But I manage to get things done, kind of.
This past week has been really tough, all because of David.  He is a great kid and since
hubby died he has taken on the role of errand runner.  I can't drive or ride a bicycle. So
once or twice a week David jumps on his bike and goes to the stores that are too far for me to
walk to, basically the drug store that sells cheap milk and bread.  He has become so
responsible for this that most of the time he goes without me having to ask.  But not this week.
This week he tore a ligament in his leg, not the first time but the way he did it was rather funny.
He stood up.  That is not a typo!!  He was kneeling on the floor went to stand up but twisted his
foot under him.  Poor boy had to suffer all Monday because it was a holiday, we went to
the doctor, by taxi, on Tuesday where he got x-rayed and I had a good laugh while the doctor
poked at his foot and asked if it hurt.

The Foot, the swelling has gone down now

This is what David is doing, playing shogi, Japanese chess, on the computer
So I have  to do all the errands that David does.  Talk about tired!!

Turning 20 in Japan is a big thing, at 20 kids become adults.  The schools in  Japan have an event when the kids are in the fourth grade, aged 10.  They are half way to becoming adults.  Last week was Hannah's class.  Each child had written what they remembered from the last ten years and their hopes and dreams for the future.  Hannah read hers first.  She wants to be a teacher.  It was an open lesson, so I went and I cried.  First one without hubby kind of hard!!   But Hannah did very well, she spoke in a clear voice, very different to the shy girl who wouldn't even say her name when she
started at the school two years ago!!  I am very proud of her.

Hannah reading her speech, she should of taken her mask off

And last week we had snow, looked nice while it lasted.  All of one hour!!!!

Out on the road

Side of the house
I rhink that is all for now.  I know I should update more often but I never seem to have time, I will try!!!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Since hubby died I haven't had the energy to more than what I have to do.  Get the kids meals, clean up (a bit), teach a few lessons.  Not a lot but just that has been exhausting for me.  Grieving takes a lot of energy plus the stress of being a single parent.  My kids are great and are handling this a lot better than me.  But they are kids (well maybe not Mikey but even he is only 21) and they are under stress from school as well as all the stuff going on here.   So we have a few more fights, few more melt downs than before.  Hubby was the one to discipline the kids and I really miss that.  I don't want to shout at the kids but the bickering is driving me crazy.  Kind of emotional over drive! 
On Sunday I decided to do a little party for the kids.  Nothing to celebrate but I wanted to do something special for them.  Eat some nice food and watch a movie together.  Hannah had a book form the school library and wanted to make a yogurt cake.  So we made that and I did some cookies.  I think we had a nice evening.  Felt strange without hubby, whenever we watched a movie without subtitles he would always ask questions.  Use to drive me crazy, but I really missed that on Sunday.

Party food

Yogurt cake

Mikey looking cool with Christopher's  glasses