Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Time Warp

Can somebody please explain to me how we have got to the end of September?  I really don't see how that is possible.  I am still at the begining of the month!  I feel as if I have entered into a parallel universe where time is speeded up.  Some days I feel as if I wake up, blink and it is time for bed.  The hours in between are eaten up so fast that I get dizzy just thinking about it!

So the past week has been the usual round of cooking, cleaning, laundry and teaching.  Had a trip out to Saga City with Mikey and David.  We went to the library.  I managed to borrow a few nice cook books. With the cool weather coming I really want to get back into cooking and baking more.  David has been doing a lot this summer but I need to get back to doing more.  No more excuses!  I also want to start Christmas shopping but I have no idea what to get the kids!  Need to think things out, not so much money this year.  I want to move away from Christmas being about getting things to making memories, being together and doing things together is important.

Just a couple of pictures to finish

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


The past 10 days have been busy. 
Last Sunday, September 7th Mikey went to his friends to practice for a big magic show.  After practicing all morning he went to the magican who is teaching him for more practice and BBQ.  Mikey got back late but happy.  The next morning Mikey's eye was swollen and red, he  couldn't stop sneezing and coughing. I think he got to close to the smoke from the BBQ and had an allergic reaction.  By Monday evening he was running a fever.  So I helped out with his lessons.
Wednesday his friend came to the house to practice again.  The living area got a good clean and I made a nice lunch.  They really worked hard, from 9 in the morning to just after 1 oclock.  The next day was loads of teaching.  By Friday I was feeling awful, coughing, sneezing and low grade fever.  Same for Hannah.  So I planned to spend the day in bed.  But at 2oclock I got a call.  Christopher was at the local hospital having fallen down at school.  He had hit his head very hard and the teacher wanted a scan done.  I could of told him that Christopher's head is as hard as a rock!  There was no internal bleeding but Christopher said he felt sick and dizzy.  I banned computer, games and TV for the evening.  He was fine the next day.  But Hannah and I got really sick, some kind of cold/allergy thing.  I haven't slept properly since Thursday night.  Everytime I doze off I start coughing, which wakes me up.  A trip to the doctors this morning resulted in a load of medicine,  I hope something helps!

Boys playing a game on the DS, Christopher lost so he had to wear the bowl on his head.

Mikey and his friend practing magic

I'm going shopping now, 9 oclock at night and I have to shop!  No wonder I am tired!

Monday, September 8, 2014

What happened to the end of August?

I can't believe how time has rushed past.  The last two weeks of August just disappeared.
I had my birthday, I am now 52 and am feeling it.  My friend and her daughter came to celebrate with us, which was nice.  I was moaning about my age.  My friend reminded me that she turns 60 next year, but she seems so young and full of energy!  I guess I have to get my head around being more active and taking care of my body.

We also had the most awful weather.  Two nights of thunder storms.  I hate thunder storms, so two nights of no sleep!  Talk about exhaustion!  The only good thing was the temperature dropped.  I am so happy about that, anything over 30C is hard to deal with.  The past few years the summers have been long and extreme!  This year feels so much better!

The kids are back at school and I am back on the early mornings, 5am dragging myself out of bed, so not fun!

Just a short post so people don't think I've disappeared!