Tuesday, August 19, 2014

David's Birthday

Last week was David's birthday!  He is now 20.  How did that happen, it feels as if he was a baby just yesterday and now he is an adult.
He really helps out a lot.  He has no problem jumping on his bike buying what ever we need, he knows where the cheap supermarkets are.  He is also becoming a rather good cook.  The other day he wanted naan bread, so he found a recipe, asked me to buy the stuff and made naan bread with curried liver and roasted veggies!  Nice dinner.

Mixing the dough, nice sticky mess

putting the dough to rise

the finished result, very nice.
I like to get photos with the birthday kid but David hates having his photo taken.  But I got one!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Days Out

The kids and I managed to get out for a couple of day trips.  Nothing really special but I think everybody had a good time.
On Monday we took the train into Fukuoka, I wanted to go up Fukuoka Tower.  We have been to the tower a few times but never up it.
Monday Christopher had school in the morning, so after a quick lunch we took off.   Train then bus to the tower.
The bus went over the urban express way.  I really don't like this high way, it feels more like a roller coaster than a bus ride. But the view was good!

Communications tower for the port

I have no idea what these are!!!
The bus stop is right in front of Fukuoka Tower.  We crossed the road and saw some more interesting statues.  Indian Gods and Goddesses!  In Japan!

Fukuoka Tower

Indian Gods

The name of this road is Sazaen Road. It's named after a famous cartoon character
We went up the tower.  It takes 70 seconds to get to the top. It was a lot higher than I thought it would be.  I'm scared of hights but the veiws from the top were incredibile!

Looking up in the lift

England is that way

On the way back we stopped in the lobby of one of the TV stations.  They had Subway so we got a sandwich each, that was nice.

Hannah with Sazaen characters

On the way back we found this sign on the train!

Nice day out but I paid for it the next day.  Talk about tired!

Today we went bowling.  There's a nice bowling alley in the next city, not too noisy and reasonable price.  The kids boweled two games.  Christopher managed to drop the ball backwards, fall on his backside and hit his face with the ball.  Mikey somehow hit his leg with the ball and fell over himself.  I at least had a good laugh!

After bowling we went to an all you can eat resturant.  We spent an hour and half eating, talking and laughing.

We came home after a stop to rent some DVD's.  I'm exhausted but happy.  I'm not sure if we will go out anywhere else this summer but I'm glad we could have a couple of fun days!!

Monday, August 4, 2014

Our First Summer Event

I've been wanting to write this up for a few days but I got hit by the same bug as the kids!  Not nice at all!
Last Monday, July 28th we held a summer event for 1st to 4th grade kids.  One other lady who teaches near here wanted to do an event with other teachers.  It really helped to work together with others, especially I had to leave after the first hour, Christopher was still sick!
The day started at 10am, first off with games, using verbs for run, jump, walk etc.  We hired the local community center, they have a big room with air conditioners!  The kids then learnt colors, listened to a story and did a craft.  All the time trying to use English.  After an obento lunch there was singing in English, the kids learnt the chorus to "Let it Go" in English.  They then made dessert and had a magic show from Mikey.  the kids really enjoyed that.  The last hour was a chance to write their picture diary, it's part of the summer homework!  From the photos I saw it looked like a good time was had by all.  Mikey worked really hard to make this work, Hannah stayed and helped out as well!
Here are some photos from the day.

Hannah and the girls who were helping out taking a break

Mikey teaching colors

We had about 10 kids altogether.  For a first time it was quite good. we learnt a few things and will be doing something for the winter holiday as well!