Friday, January 23, 2015

What a crazy couple of weeks!

The past couple of weeks have flown by in a whirl of non stop activity!
From January 6th to 9th Christopher had his school trip.  To Nigata, Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo Sky Tree.  Of course I worried, for nothing, he had a great time, even if his skiing traumatised him for life!  He enjoyed Disneyland and Sky Tree more, but was shocked at how expensive everything was!

A few photos from his trip

Sky Tree

Entrance to Sky Tree

Christopher got lucky, the view was good, he could see Mt Fuji!

From the top!

At the hotel

Nice pressies!

January 9th was Mikey's birthday!  23, he says he feels old!  How should I feel then!
We couldn't celebrate on that day, just too busy.  So on the 12th we went to lunch with another family.  I was a bit worried, my Japanese is so-so but I managed to keep up with the conversation and even joined in!

The Birthday Boys enjoying ice cream!

I have a load more to write but have to teach!
More another day!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Christopher and Computers

Monday was Christopher's birthday.  He was 17 years old!  As always I am having a hard time with the idea that my youngest son is now 17. I don't feel old enough!  When I think of Christopher this  is the image I have

his 5th birthday!   Or maybe this 

when he started junior high school!
But now he is a young man of 17!

He loves his games but also loves to reads!!
This year he has to decide which university he wants to attend and study for the entrance tests.
Tuesday he and all the other 2nd graders from his school are on their school trip.  one and half days skiing, one day at Tokyo  Disneyland and a morning at Tokyo Skytree!!  Nice little adventure for them, maybe the last free time for a year!!  Of course I am worried, because of so many bad experiences with teachers over the years I don't trust them at all, not with the safety of my kids!!  But I know if I stopped Christopher from going I would regret it!!  I will be glad when he gets back on Friday!

To add to my stress on Monday both the computers I use crashed!!!  We had no internet which is bad but the thing that stressed me the most was not being able to access the photos I have, especially of my husband!!  David managed to change out the hard disk from the computer I was using and get one working again!!  Then he managed to back up the photos onto an external hard disk. Next he needs to back up our homepage so that we have a copy some where safe.  Looks like I will have to buy a knew computer soon!  I was shocked that some parts of the computer were 10 years old!!!

Hope to have some photos when Christopher gets back!!!