Sunday, October 9, 2016

Made A Start!

When I wrote about my house being a mess I had a plan!
I planned that once October started and the weather cooled down I would go through the house like a tornado!
First week of October it was still HOT!  Not warm but hot, 32C for about a week, then we had a typhoon blow by and the weather has finally cooled a bit.
So I put the plan into action, for two days!
I have a walk in closet in my bedroom but I can't walk into it. So that was my starting point.  I boxed up my husbands suits and a load of textbooks from elementary school.  Hannah tossed a draw full of prints that she had from last year!  Took a whole afternoon but it made some space!
I also tackled one cupboard in the kitchen, found that I had tea from five years ago!  Not nice!
The forecast for this week is cooler weather so I am going to get to work again and see if I can do one room completely!  Would be nice!

I've also joined the 21st century.  I have an iPad.  I have resisted this for ages!  I have a kindle fire which similar to an iPad but I wanted something with LINE on!  Christopher has a college trip to Korea the end of this month and I wanted a way to keep in touch with him. Of course the kids are playing on the iPad more than me!