Monday, April 27, 2015

A Typical Evening At Our House

This is what happens when there is nothing on TV.


The editing is not so good but you get the idea!  I think my kids are crazy, this kind of daftness goes on all the time!

And the reason we need a good laugh is that things keep happening!  I am doing a lot better since my eye surgery.  I am still recovering, not so much from the surgery itself but from the stress that I built up before hand!  I am now exhausted from that!  I have to say thank you to my students for their good wishes and for putting up with my moaning before hand!  Also one of  my lovely ladies stopped by with cakes and a beautiful plant after my surgery.

Then just because I need more stress Hannah came home with a broken finger, again!
It's a hairline fracture on the joint end of the second bone!  Again trying to catch a basketball during PE at school!

Hannah's broken finger and I don't know why she is sitting in a basket!
All in all interesting few days, lets hope things get better!


Friday, April 24, 2015


I had my eye operation last Thursday! I am so glad that it is over and done with!  I NEVER want to go through that again! 
I was so nervous before hand that I was shaking and managed to bring back what bit of lunch I ate!
I know it was silly to get so worked up.  In my mind I knew this wasn't a big thing, I've heard from many others who have had the same operation and also from reading about it online, it is quick and easy.  But sometimes my mind and emotions don't communicate very well!
The operation was strange. They placed a sterile cover over my face and a plastic cover over the eye to keep it sterile.  Then the local anaesthetic was given as an eye drop.  Then a little cut was made under the eye lid.  After that all I saw was bright lights, when the old lens was taken out it was really weird! Nothing to focus with so all I saw was pretty lights!  I was just getting comfortable when the doctors said it was all over with!  No pain, just some pressure around the eye socket!  I came home with an eye patch which made things very interesting! It is very difficult to judge depth with just one eye, so I kept trying to grab things but couldn't figure out where they were!
Friday I went back to check it was okay!
Now I can see all the dust that I missed for the past couple of months!
Looks like getting the spring cleaning done, I've had a great excuse for the past few weeks but no longer!

Friday, April 17, 2015

Playing Catch Up

I am so behind on this blog.  Time just disappears, before I know it a couple of weeks have passed and no time to write!
The beginning of April saw Hannah starting junior high school.  Of course the day of the entrance ceremony the weather was bad. No rain but very cold and windy. The gym where the ceremony was held doesn't get heated, so after sitting there for a couple of hours I was well frozen!

Hannah in her new uniform
She seems okay at school.  Thinks the English lessons are better suited to kindergarten than junior high school and already hates math!  Her homeroom teacher is a math teacher so I hope she can help Hannah a bit!
The most difficult thing is getting Hannah to and from school.  All through elementary school somebody would go with her to school and meet her after but now she needs to become more independent.  But she has an awful sense of direction. The other morning I walked half way with her. All she had to do was walk down to the crossing and turn right, but she got lost. I don't know how she managed that!  The past few evening she came back with a friend which is nice!

Christopher is now in the last year of high school. He has to decide what to do next year.  During the spring break he finally got new glasses.  He looks cool in them.  But Mikey and David decided to play with them!

David is wearing Christophers old glasses Mikey his new ones!

And we have finally made a start on the yard!  Last wekk some my husbands friends came and laid turf.  Half the garden looks good, the other half still needs doing!  The weather on Sunday was so nice, a real spring day but the rest of the week winter returned with heavy rain, thunder and cold winds.  That's my excuse for not doing the garden!

Preparing the ground for the turf!

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Spring Holiday...Almost Over

Christopher and Hannah's spring holiday will be over in just 4 more days.  Even though we didn't go anywhere or do so much I have enjoyed myself!  Not getting up at 5am is so nice!  I'm not a morning person!
We had a nice little party to celebrate Hannah's graduation.  Ate a lot and watched DVD's!  Nice and relaxed!

I asked David to whip up the cream for the cake and trifle, but he creamed me!

Hannah spent a lot of time drawing and watching her musicals.  I don't mind so much but she plays the same songs over and over.  Even I can remember the words and they are in Japanese!

Our yard needs to be done.  We have a few flowers but not much at all. I hope to get some done this month.  The camellia tree outside of the living room looks really nice but that is the only thing that looks nice!


There are other things that happened but I can't thing at the moment.  Spring brings out my allergies and I am so doped up on medicine that it is hard to think straight!