Wednesday, July 22, 2015


I can't believe the weather this year.  It is so wet!  We have had so many rainy days recently and only a few really hot days.  One problem is once the rain stops, everything warms up and it becomes so humid. 
On Sunday we had an incredible thunder storm.  I do not like thunder storms.  I've had too many close calls.  As soon as I hear thunder I pull the TV antenna and the electric plug!  This past Sunday the storm was right over head.  I am sure something near by got hit!  There was an enormous explosion!   Our poor dog hates thunder as well.  She was in the bathroom but started crying so I let her into the living room.  She was sniffing around where there was a loud boom. Poor thing jumped straight up, all four paws came off the floor!  Rather funny but at that point I was so scared that I sat in the corridor with Hannah until the storm passed!  I hope we don't have many more like that!
This weekend there is a typhoon forecast.  The eye will pass just south of Kyushu but the storm is massive and is getting stronger everyday.  I hope that we have a few hours over the next couple of days to tidy the yard.  Looks like a jungle out there, all this rain has done wonders for the weeds not so good for the grass!!!

Friday, July 17, 2015

Not Ready

Schools are finished for the summer holidays and I am so not ready.
I try to make some plans for the summer holidays, especially trying to get my kids
English improved.  But this year I just haven't thought at all about what to do!
One problem is that both Hannah and Christopher have to go to school!  Yes it is the summer holidays but the kids still have to attend certain things.  Christopher I can understand, this is
his last year at high school and a lot of the things he has to do is to prepare for entering college next year.  Hannah should attend her club activity at least four mornings a week.  I feel it too much.  Either give the kids a holiday or have them attend all year!  Plus they both have homework. I haven't seen Christopher's but Hannah has a small mountain of prints, plus science experiment, two posters to make and a book report to write out!  I wonder if the teachers know that a lot of the mothers end up doing part of the homework because it is too much for the kids! 

The weather is not being typical at all.  We have had a few very hot days but all in all rather cool this year.  A massive typhoon passed over Japan last night, we were very lucky here in that we only caught the edge of it.  It was windy and rainy last night but not too bad!

David is making pizza for dinner, from scratch.  Smells really nice!  Can't wait for dinner, I think I should go and help!

Saturday, July 11, 2015

The "can't think of a catchy title" post

The past few weeks have been busy and productive.  I have been cleaning and decluttering as much as possible.  The one room that really needed doing was the room we use as an office and second teaching room.  We still have to many books.  Last Sunday I decided that I needed to sort and clean out that room.  What I thought would take 2 hours took 5 hours!  There are still somethings that need to be done but it is a lot better.
The weather has been rather nice...for me at least!  Until this week it has been cool and rainy.  The rain is not so nice but the cool weather has been wonderful.  Instead of feeling exhausted, sick and out of sorts I have been able to get things done!  If course the heat came, with a vengeance. From high 20's to 36C overnight!  Thursday and Friday were awful.  Both Christopher and Hannah came back from school with bad headaches on Thursday!  I also felt sick and had to use the air conditioner!  I don't mind being hot but the humidity is killing.  I sweat very easily and I hate the way the  sweat just stays on me.  I feel like I am drowning!  
The rain has done wonders for the garden, looks like a jungle.  The grass we laid has really taken but the weeds are aggressive.  If the rain stops tomorrow I will be brave and try and do a bit!  It seems very futile though, I pull weeds, a couple of weeks later they are back!
No photos this time.  I have a hard time uploading them and I've asked David but he hasn't had a chance!