Sunday, July 27, 2014

And then Christopher

Of course this stomach bug is working it's way round the family.
Last night, 3am, Christopher woke me up.  Poor boy had thrown up on the way to the bathroom.  He was in tears because he couldn't figure out how to clean up and had to wake me!!  So I cleaned up, took his temperature, 38.5C and got him settled on the sofa.  this is really not a good start to the summer holidays.
One thing that I realized is that I live in fear a lot!
Before hubby died when the kids got sick I would worry.  That is only natural, seeing your kids miserable because of some bug, not being able to anything about it, wondering what is going on, how long they will be sick. That is normal.  What I am going through is not.  I go into panic mode, when David got sick I moved his matress into my room, his room doesn't have air conditioner.  He slept on the floor next to my bed, everytime his breathing pattern changed I would check on him!  The same with Hannah and Christopher.  I was so afraid.  I am so afraid all the time.  Every month I worry about paying the bills and the rent.  I'm afraid of messing the kids lives up.  I'm afraid of growing old alone, of not being able to take of myself and having to rely on the kids for everything.  The list of my fears is endless!  Not a good place to be!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Hannah's Turn

David recovered from whatever it was that made him sick.
Last night it was Hannah's turn.  Her temperature was up to 38.5 at one point.  She couldn't keep anything down at all, even sips of water she had to take away the bad taste in her mouth.
Also it's easier to take care downstairs, nearer to the bathroom.  So I dozed sitting up on the sofa.  Needless to say I feel awful this morning as well, I ache all over and am exhausted.  Every time I dozed off Hannah would ask for the bowl! 
I am getting worried about Monday.  We have a one day event planned for 1at to 4th grade kids.  An English adventure day.  I really hope Hannah is better by then and that neither Mikey or I get sick!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Summer Holidays, Summer Sickness

The kids started the holidays on the 18th here, almost one week.  Christopher and Hannah have spent most of that time doing homework.  Most of it  is a waste of time, writing out 160 English words for Christopher, 20 pages of kanji drill for Hannah.  Plus a workbook to do, the teachers don't even mark these, the kids mark it themselves.  I can undertand not wanting the kids to back slide during the holidays but most of the homework is mind numbing.  Also I know that a lot of time the parents end up doing a lot of the work, kind of defeats the purpose. 
At junior high school and high school level kids have to attend club activities almost everyday.  So where is the holiday?  Christopher went 3 times this week and has a full day of regular school next week!  Hannah has four days that she has to attend school.  I really don't understand this system.   All I can think of is it's training for work. Japanese almost never take a holiday, most companies give the national holidays because they have to but other than that there are no holidays.  I've had students who go abroad for 3 days because that is all the holiday they can get! 

I really want to do things with the younger kids but I have no energy at all.  I have headaches and feel sick all the time.  I just want to watch daft TV or sleep.  Poor David got really sick yesterday.  He couldn't keep anything down and had a fever of 38.6C at one point.  Mikey took him to the doctors, he had some virus and heat stroke.  I am so glad that Mikey can drive and is willing to help out like that.  Our doctor is less than 5 minuetes walk from here but the state David was in he wouldn't be able to make it!  He is much better now, up to his usual tricks and jokes!  Just some 24 hour bug but not nice when it is so hot!

I treated myself to a new blender.  I burnt the motor out of my old one, about 4 years ago.  I've been thinking of getting one since then but always put it off.  The other day I was cleaning out some more of my husband's stuff and I found some gift certificates from the local electrical shop.  I had 4000yen in certificates and the blender was 4500yen.  So I am very happy!

my new blender and miller

These are some photos of the kids up to their daftness!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014


The past few days I have been watching the news and weather reports, there was a massive typhoon creeping our way.  I like to be prepared, especially our garden is a mess with lots of pots, broken sticks and other things that could become missiles if the winds get too strong.  Spent two or three days cleaning outside, rather David cleaned. I directed!  Bought extra food and filled water bottles. made sure that all the flashlights worked, all prepared.  And no typhoon, bit of rain, nice breeze but nothing!  The kids got a day off school, so they are happy to stay home and just hang out.  Some places got hit really bad, and to make things worse the seasonal rain front is hanging over prefectures to the north.  In one place a stream flooded, bringing down trees, rocks and mud.  Houses were destroyed, and there have been fatalities, one was a young boy, just 12 years old. that hit me hard!
I'm grateful that this storm has passed us by.  It really is worrying!  I always say that typhoons are easier to deal with because there are warnings.  But no matter how prepared one is the destructive force of nature is not something to be taken lightly.
Of course the heat and humidity have started.  It makes it very difficult for me to function.  I get exhausted just doing a few things around the house.  But I want to challenge myself this summer and do more.  Summers a rather long here, from the end of June until the end of October, 4 months.  I feel like a loose a lot of time in those months, just no energy or desire to move from the air conditioning.  But I realise how precious each second of our lives are, I don't want to waste time.  I want to do things, be productive, spend time with the kids.   Enjoy the time I have now, not wait for the perfect time to do things, that will never come!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

June was.......

......a very emotionally exhausting month for me!
The beginning was hubby's birthday.  18th marked exactly 18 months since he passed away.  The end of the month was 10 years since Mom died.  Not an easy month at all!
I'm glad that it has finished.  I am hoping things will get a bit easier emotionally.  There are always problems, things that to be done, never ending chores,  kids and the dog to take care of, that is enough for me.  I want to find a calmer place, I want to find joy.  I want to live the life that Hisao would want me to.  Not sleeping or escaping because I can't deal with things!
This summer I am going to challenge myself to do more.  Summers here are hard but I want to go places with the kids, do things together while we can.  When Hisao was alive we put off going places and doing things.  It was always later, next year!  He never got the later or next year so I am going to try and do things now.  Life gives you no guarantees, it only gives you now.  So I am going to do my best NOW!
The other day when I was really down, missing Hisao, missing Mom I found an old letter that Hisao sent me. At  the end of the letter he wrote "You don't have time to be depressed, work hard, study hard"  I felt this was his message to me.

One thing I want to do is get Christopher's and Hannah's English better.  They are okay but I hope over the summer to spend time reading with them more.  They read a lot in Japanese but not so much in English. 

On the weight lose front I did okay in June.  Somehow I lost 2kgs, not the five I was aiming for but considering my eating was bad most days it is a real miracle.  Try again this month!