Tuesday, April 15, 2014


It's been really busy here the past couple of weeks.  Some days it feels like non stop doing things. Christopher and Hannah are back at school.  Hannah is in the last year of elementary school and so excited.  That's good.  Christopher not so excited, he has a lot of work to do this coming year.  David has started his psychology course, so far good.  I get a lot of explanations of things.   With the kids back at school I am back to the early morning madness, up 5am to get breakfast and make a lunch box for Christopher.  Tough but no choice, makes the days VERY LONG!
Just before Hannah went back we did a bit of shopping.  That was fun.  April 1st was the day that the consumption tax increased, from 5% to 8%.  For weeks before this increase the news programmes were running so many doom and gloom stories, how people weren't go to be shopping as before but i didn't see that.  People were shopping as usual.  I got Hannah a couple of nice T shirts for the summer, a new pencil case and a few other bits and pieces!

Hannah's T shirts and pencil case.

We also got a nice surprise!   I got a letter from the education department saying that some book tokens had been sent for Hannah  from one the local businesses, Hisamitsu!  I applied for these book tokens last year, they are given to single parents in this area.  I forgot all about them but I figured that we would get maybe 2000 yen!  When I picked up the gift cards the total was 30,000 yen (about 300 dollars).  I am so happy, all the kids love to read and these will come in handy during the summer holidays.  When Hannah and Christopher start with "I'm bored"  business we can go and buy a couple of books!!

the book tokens
We are still cleaning out the house.  Half way there, but slow going.  The garden is still a disaster but we need to spend more time on it. One problem is that the best time is Sunday, everybody is free but it seems to rain on Sunday!!!!  Good excuse!   Last Sunday it was pouring down all day.  I took Christopher and Hannah to the local recycle shop.  Christopher got a load of T shirts and Hannah got a couple of skirts,  she likes her skirts to be below the knee so it's difficult to find nice skirts for her.  The one she really likes is no good for school as it is too long and would be dangerous on the stairs but she looks so cute in it!

Hannah looking cute in her new skirt and hat
I think that is all for now!! 

Thursday, April 3, 2014

A little outing and a lot of cleaning

The kids and I went to Fukuoka on Monday! Nice day but very tiring.  Just so many people, plus we got turned around and spent ages walking in the wrong direction.  Had lunch at Moss Burgers, we don't go there very often so it was nice change.  Plus we got to watch the taxis.

It was interesting watching what kind of people took a taxi.  Also we had an interesting discussion about the lady in the red coat. Her job is to help people into the taxis,  not the best of jobs, in my opinion!

Did a bit of shopping.  The main reason I wanted to go was to check out the bookstore.  They have a good selection of books for teaching English.  I know I can order on line but I like to hold the books, get a feel for them.  Anyway we bought a few things.  I also bought Hannah some face painting crayons.  She is really into Cats the Musical and wants to try out the make up. 

Mikey had a go drawing on Hannah and Christopher

Interesting results

Other than that day out we have been busy cleaning and cleaning.
Mikey took his bed to pieces today and found where  ALL of his socks had gone to.  I got so mad because for the past couple of weeks all I've heard from Mikey was "Where are my socks?", everyday!!  They were all at the bottom of his bed.  When I saw them I yelled at Mikey, so he grabbed the socks and shoved them down the back of my T-shirt.  Not nice!  Anyway he managed to vacuum under the bed and sort out a load of stuff!!  I've gone through all my clothes and thrown away all the things that I don't wear or can't wear.  I had stuff in my draws that I bought last time I went to England, 11 years ago.  I am no longer that size or person!!  I am enjoying this process of letting go.  I have my photos and journals, the letters and notes from hubby, a few of his things, (like his glasses and watch) the PJs he wore, other than that I am letting go.  It's hard but the feeedom of not being burdened by stuff is liberating.  That is what I am enjoying!!

Christopher and Hannah have a few more days holiday and then back to school.  I hope to have some time to do something with them before the business of a new school year starts!