Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Of Birthdays, Pianos and Falling Down

Last week would of been Hisaos 56th birthday!
I was trying to imagine what he would of looked like. Maybe not so different!  The only
thing that showed his age was his receding hair line!
We didn't really do much this year, I just had no energy to do anything special!
One nice thing is that he is still very much part of our daily lives, the kids have their own  memories that they share, I have mine and that seems to be part of dinner conversation!  It's nice somehow!

fun with the kids!

In other news we  got a new piano!  Not new but new to us! one of Mikey's friends moved house and his piano was too big so he sold it Mikey.  Mikey got it very cheap so we are happy.  Both Mikey and Hannah play.  I would love to learn but have no real patience for all the practice that goes into it!

And falling down!  That was me the other day.  Hannah and I had gotten out of the car, David was trying to back into the parking space a bit more, I was telling Hannah to move from the back of the car when I fell over the blocks that are there to stop the cars!  I fell heavily on my right side, scratching my arm pretty bad!  Hannah went into panic mode for a while, when she realized that I was okay she found it rather funny!  The next day was awful.  I was in so much pain down the right side of my body and my back!  Feel better now but am very careful of those blocks!

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