Saturday, June 10, 2017

How did get to be June......

And I haven't posted!
Every day I think about updating this blog but it's always later!  Then the day is gone and the blog hasn't been updated!
May was a rather crazy month!
The first week everybody except Mikey got sick.  Just some stomach bug that was going around.  Not nice at all.  But we managed to celebrate Hannah's birthday!
I took her shopping, she wanted a game for the Wii machine that we have but we couldn't find the one she wanted so I ended up buying  a Wii U game.  I know it's old and the latest thing is the Nintendo switch but we are always behind on these things!  She also got a lovely watch!
She is spoilt, I know that and so does Hannah.  The other day I was saying that she is too spoilt, her answer was "Of course I'm spoilt, I'm the youngest and the only girl!"  What more is there to say!

The rest of May passed by in a daze of teaching, cleaning (always cleaning), reorganizing the teaching room, planting a few herbs and veggies (hoping to get something from the garden). 
I took a quick trip into the city, I wanted to check out the big bookstore to see if there were any good books for Junior High School  kids, but couldn't see anything that appealed to me!  I was totally exhausted by the time I got back. I can't believe that some people do that trip everyday for work!

David had been cooking up a storm the past few weeks, He has found that he enjoys baking, so we have had some nice treats!

Hannah's birthday

The cake, I made the cake , David did the cream and strawberries.

David's homemade pizza.

No chairs or tables, kids kept falling off the chairs!

Egg custard, David

Chocolate and berry tart, David again.

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