Wednesday, May 10, 2017

The Last Week in England

We spent the last week in England at my Dads! 
I was worried that the house would be a disaster, I know that my MIL hasn't
taken care of her house so I was expecting the same from Dad. I was shocked to see how clean
and well taken care of the house was!

Dads living room

kitchen from the dinning room
I was also surprised at how well my Dad was!  He cooked for us every evening, nice homemade meals!  Even Hannah, who can be fussy, ate everything!  Besides being deaf Dad seemed very healthy!  Better than me!
I can really see where David gets his teasing from.  My youngest brother found one of my old dolls!  It's a bit scary!  I left it downstairs but when I went to the toilet in the middle of the night it was sitting outside my bedroom.  My brother had left it there, exactly the same kind of thing that David would do!!!

My other brother came to visit with his family. I finally got to meet my niece!  That was a nice day, it felt good to be with my family.  Hubby had no brothers or sisters so there are no uncles or aunts, and of course no cousins on his side of the family. Sometimes it feels a bit lonely without having any real extended family around.  So being with my Dad, brothers, sister-in-law and niece was really good!

the family together, just my older boys missing

Dad with Christopher and Hannah

Of course I went shopping almost every day!  We went to the art gallery in my town and the museum in the next city!  There were other places we wanted to go but no time! 
All in all we had a go time in the UK.
Mikey and David went a month after we did. In between the two trips was the terror attack in London.  So of course I was worried but the boys had a good time!

David and my brother

Dad and Mikey

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