Sunday, August 27, 2017


Both David and I had our birthdays this month!
I didn't do much for David's birthday as it was a typical working day!  Plus very hot!
But I bought him a couple of T shirts!  Plus a cake that was devoured in minutes!

David always looks funny in photos!

For my birthday I treated Hannah and myself to tickets to see 'Les Miserable'.
We saw it last week!
It was very good, as good as a West End show!
I was worried that it wouldn't be that good or I wouldn't enjoy it because of the language!  But music does go beyond language, the ability of the actors to convey the emotions of the characters was amazing!   I even cried a few times during the performance!

I also treated everyone to a nice restaurant meal!  Very expensive but lovely food and great service!

I am really hoping that the weather will start to cool down!  I have a load f things I want to do but when the temperature is constantly over 35C it is difficult!

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